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Still thinking of u...  / Risha Wulliams (Friend)  Read >>
Still thinking of u...  / Risha Wulliams (Friend)
Glad to see your gravesite is still nice! Glad u showed me how hard I click with cancers....u we’re such a sweetheart from day 1! I will never forget how much of an awesome friend you were to me and I still sleep in your R.I.P. shirt...gone but never EVER forgotten. Please watch over your mom and you puppy kids! Love u! Close
Nothing Without Cardon - 1,943 Days  / Jacqueline Luckett Cardon Harris (Mother)  Read >>
Nothing Without Cardon - 1,943 Days  / Jacqueline Luckett Cardon Harris (Mother)
God's Purpose  / Randie Moise (None)  Read >>
God's Purpose  / Randie Moise (None)

I did not know Cardon. I do know this beautiful young man lost his life far to young. The bible calls death is an enemy. It likens death to a king that has ruled mankind. Romans 5:17 & 1Corinthians15:26

Does God use the enemy death to carry off our loved ones to heaven? Let the Bible answer that question.

THGHTS OF U  / Keisha Hudson (My FRIEND )  Read >>
THGHTS OF U  / Keisha Hudson (My FRIEND )
My eye's water up wen I look at ths page smh......the affect u hve on ppl stll is AMAZING I spoke of u a few days ago(ALL GUD WORDS);-)! ur memory is stll n my pocket WOW 5yrs ths summer! & it stll HURTS. I love u much.& Jackie can we b friends anytme soon? Close
ALWAYS THERE!  / Sharon Inspired By An Angel (Aunt)  Read >>
ALWAYS THERE!  / Sharon Inspired By An Angel (Aunt)

Happy Birthday Ma!.  I know it is on 06-10-2010.  I wanted to be the first to wish you a happy birthday.

When you wake up I am there.

When you go to sleep I am there.

As you drive to work or go about your day I am there.

Love never dies.  You are the vessel that God used to bring me into this world.  No man or woman; Nothing.. can separate my love for God or for you.  I am a part of you and you are a part of me.

Thanks you so much for giving me a good life.  I never wanted for anything.  You were the most understanding cool mother ever.  I thank God for choosing you to raise me.

When you are happy or sad I am there.

I am just getting Hades and Rudolph to calm down.  TT Darlene and cousin Niecy are here and uncle Jr. just stopped by.  We are rejoicing because it is your birthday.

Yours forever your son Cardon.


so scared.....  / Gabriella Gatlin (friend, sister, neighbor )  Read >>
so scared.....  / Gabriella Gatlin (friend, sister, neighbor )

cardon today was hard. i relaized just how much things have changed. and now im at a point of fear. fear for my future and fear for ur brothers future. alot has changed since u have been gone but nothing has changed more than things btw me and kenn. things have gone from bad to amazing to bad to amazing again. is like a rollercoaster. but its wierd because ive never loved someone so much like him. but something u know already that ive been struggling with is him leaving for the marines. ive lost someone already to the duity of serving over seas and the last thing i can do is loose him. ive been praying to god that he would just bless kenn through this. but what many people dont realize how this also would affect me. i know it sounds wierd.... but u of all people know everything that has been going on. i fear for the future. the unknown future of kenn and me. the un known furture for my life. i know u would be happy to know that im applying to niu this fall.... actually im working on the applacation now.... but my mind just wanders.... off to thoughts of lonlely ness and fear. feelings of betryal and just how im worried because kenn is a friend and i dont want to ever see him hurt. i just know how much he misses u. i know it i can see it in his eyes whenever he is in my room and sees ur pic on my dresser. i feel the same way yet i will never know the true feeling because u were more than just a brother to him..... u were a role model and a friend. i know already that many things would be different if u were here. possibly i wouldnt be crying these tears i am now.... i would be celebrating the fact that we both would be going to school and take comfort in seeing each other on holiday breaks.... just like i would always get excited when i knew u were comming home.... i just pray for the best..... please stay with kenn through this all and know that u are missed

3 Years Have Passed  / Angela (Cousin/Friend)  Read >>
3 Years Have Passed  / Angela (Cousin/Friend)

I don't know where to's been 3 years...and I'm still trying to capture just a portion of the life that you had and bring it into my realm/world.  Today what saddens me is that...I didn't REALLY get a chance to know you as a cousin...just knew you as MY crazy 112 singing and dancing friend.  I remember the last time I saw you, I was leaving Wal-mart and you were walking in...told me you just got a new bike and all the great things going on for you.  I think back on that day from time to time wishing I knew that would be the LAST time I saw all of that life and energy...I would have talked to you for 8 more hours...just want you to know that I love you and am still thinking of you...


3 hours shy of three years. And the pain is just as fresh. The best part is the memories you left me with. And I'm grateful and thankful that every last one is positive. I still remember the first day I met you at that builda`ing on 113th in roseland. It was you, nick, aaron and charles...and the young money sweethearts. I'll never forget those days cause we had fun even tho it was so cold and we were throwing teen parties. I remember the nickname Butta gave me because I was always with you.

I'm happy to have known you and glad that GOD gave such a beautiful person to this earth.

Jackie: I luv you immensely, I admire your strength, I admire your courage. I believe you are an example of a strong woman. And for that I say thank you. Because you've made the rest of us be strong and courageous. I know its been about 2 years since you last saw me. Its just so hard to see your house and not choke up or to see the truck and not cry. I promise to do better about coming to see you.

A constant presence in my life  / Sharon Davis (aunt)  Read >>
A constant presence in my life  / Sharon Davis (aunt)


Thanks for the message. 

Knowing you, the house will be a mansion like the bible says.  Please make mine on the same block as yours.

Not a day goes by when we don't think of you or mention your name.  Have you noticed my license plate?  It is CDONJH1 and it is a tribute to you.  Anyone who knows you can figure out what it stands for.

I truly feel blessed because you are my guardian angel and Brooke's too.  We appreciate it and keep up the good work.

I know you are holding on to God's unchanging hand.  Now abide hope, faith, love.  The greatest of these is love. 

Always and Forever,

T.T. Sherry, Brooke, and Derek


Just a thought  / Amc (Friend)  Read >>
Just a thought  / Amc (Friend)
hey you,

it has been a min since i have been on here but please believe you have been in my thoughts everyday...I decided to write because was chilling and listening to music and jim jones came on and it took me back to my freshman year at niu when you would always play it in your car...I always remember the good times we had and it just makes me smile but want to were such a wonderful individual and i am grateful you were a part of my life though it was a short time, i got know a great person and i will never forget you. Close
~~GONE BUT NOT 4 GOTTEN  / NaTosha Hardin (HS)  Read >>
~~GONE BUT NOT 4 GOTTEN  / NaTosha Hardin (HS)
~~Jst lettin u & ur Mom knw tht U r still remebered!!!~~ Close
I miss you  / Michele   Read >>
I miss you  / Michele
I was thinking about usual...Charles called me and it still felt like i should have hung up and called you afterwards. I was talking to eb yesterday...just venting...and man...i just still can't come to grips with you not being here. There have been so many times where i just wanted to hit u up like man..."let's get pizza" or "guess who i'm talkin to now..." or "he said this and i did that so what would you say!?" Lol...i still cry, i still wish and i still hope that one day this feeling will go away....and i will just be cool.'s hard to let go of the people you love...especially your friends. Man i miss you. I have your pic up at my job...sometimes i just stare and laugh! Anyway...gotta get back to you my guy :-) P.S. he's a trip joe! i really WISH you were here to see your boy! lol I can only imagine what you would say! Close
2 years and missing you more than ever  / Amc (FRiend)  Read >>
2 years and missing you more than ever  / Amc (FRiend)


I woke up this morning and i realized that i have not wrote you in sooooo i miss you sooo very much....not a day goes by where i dont think about you or the day that we makes me laugh b/c that was such a crazy night for everyone...even though you were only in my life for a season you really touched me in a way that i myself dont would b very selfish of me to say i wish we couldve hung out more because i know that you are in a better place and out of this crazy world....till this day i think of the time that you called me about a month b4 your death and told me to not to forget about you over the much as i wish i could have spoke to you i know that was gods way of you saying goodbye to me..and pleaze believe im am going to carry out your request and never ever ever forget will always have a place in my heart that no one could ever touch....missing you like  crazy


You're really not here...  / Michele Taylor (Friend)  Read >>
You're really not here...  / Michele Taylor (Friend)'s been two full years. Every time I came home from college I remembered the path we use to drive, I could see you chillin in front of the house with the team (J and Birdman and maybe Aaron) asking for my kool-aid aka "heaven" as you called it lol...but then I would head back to school and I guess just feel like you were in Chicago. But now...I'm back in Chicago and it's only been four days since moving back here and I feel like you should be here with us doing everything showing us where and what CHicago has to offer to us as ADULTS!!! and simply being grown people now! and Eb talk about you almost like you're still here. I missed you when we (me and eb) were at school and the crew was here...but now I feel like I'm just loosing my friends. One of my friends died on the same day you did...I just didn't know how to take that. I don't know how to feel...but I miss you g. I pray for your family and all the people you knew because you knew SO MANY PEOPLE!!!!! But I haven't prayed to accept your that is my new prayer my friend. I miss everything about you C...I think about the people you loved often because you loved so hard. I know how hurt and in awe i'm in of you really being gone so i can only imagine the people who were priveldged to see you everyday. I often wonder what you would think of us now, your advice, your predictions of what things would be like when we all got a little age on us lol! It's crazy that i feel like you're just on vacay or something and we're all justwaiting on you to return in the beamer! G i'm SO sold on a beamer now!! You would be cracking up if i told you why i want one...but we can't let eb roll around in the luxury whip alone! "know what i'm talkin' bout!!" Anyway...i miss you so much G but I'm trying to get my life right so I can meet you in heaven later(lol Not as reserved as I used to be and you would be proud! lol) But to say I love you is just repeating what i know you homie.
2 years and a lot has changed  / Gabbi Gatlin (friend and " big bro" )  Read >>
2 years and a lot has changed  / Gabbi Gatlin (friend and " big bro" )
its so wierd being here doing this but cardon so much has happend and it would have been better if u were here to share the joy. i have been missing you a lot and i miss ur advice. i still remember the first time i meet u as the big brother of kj and that now turning into u being some what of a brother to me. i always looked up to u and i enjoyed the time we spent together. i miss how u would tease me and ur brother about dating. i miss the humor and the jokes but mostly the great amount of care that i knew came from your heart. if i had a problem i always knew i could come to you. the morning of june 3 the day after your accident when i walked over to ur home to see if you were there, i was struck with the news that u had died and i felt my stomach drop. a lot has changed ive grown up and have made so many mistakes but as i do i remember the advice that u gave me... dont linger on the past but remember those mistakes to make the future better................... luv ya cardon and i miss you a lot Close
Just Thinking Of You  / Ahmena Kimble (High School Friend )  Read >>
Just Thinking Of You  / Ahmena Kimble (High School Friend )

Hey Cardon for Some reason I can't stop thinking about you lately. I just wanna let you know I do miss you and even though we didn't talk after H.S you was still the coolest guy I ever came in contact with and I do cherish the High School memories you have given me! I've known you since Freshmen year and from the first day of freshmen year I have memories of you! I remember in health when we use to get kicked out of class on purpose to go to 5g lunch.  Or even all the times you made me laugh and I still giggle thinking about those times but the worse is I get sadden as well.  I never thought you would've left us so soon and now two years has past and I can't believe you're gone let alone beleive its been that long! I learned not to take anyone for granted anymore because truly tomorrow is not promised to any of us!! I still pry for you, your mother and all of your family and friends!! I really miss you Don but I also thank you for being the one to make me laugh even when I was in school being tough!! You have made a huge impact on my life and even though its hard to let you go I know you are in a much better place!! Cardon you are truly missed and God I just don't know I wish I could ask a question and get a legit answer but we can't so we just have to put it in our lord's hands and just trust that he would never mislead us or give us nothing we can't handle. I know you are smiling down on us you were a blessing on earth and now your an Angel in heaven!  I wish I could've made it to your memorial today but instead I'm at work but you are still in my thoughts and heart!!  Much luv Sweety Mina


It feels so good to feel like your the only one.It dont feel that good to find out YEARS later that you not. I try so hard not to let my past bad experiences effect my future but i got so much fear in me that i need to overcome im unable to do that though cause i dont know where to start.Im afraid to let my guards down im scared of getting hurt again I wanna take a chance  but what if i get my heartbroke again in the long run

I cry everyday,Pray everynight

And i write in the times in between

I cry cause im in luv with you and never again will i see you

but yet eternity is what i wish to spend with you

i prayed for an angel wishing it would be you

if it just so happen not to be i wont cry nomore after i wipe these tears fallin from my eyes cause i know you'll be waiting at them white gates when its my time to go



2YEARS LATER IM FINALLY REACHING OUT  / Demisha Galmore (friend + )  Read >>
2YEARS LATER IM FINALLY REACHING OUT  / Demisha Galmore (friend + )

I  promise to treat others how i wanna be treated. I would never hold anything back because it might not be a next time 2 years later and im just speaking out. True friends are hard to come by and i lost mine I failed to realize it when he was here because i had alot of trust issues and i was pushing him away.I hurting cause i cant tell him how good of a friend he was and i appreciated him dearly .Im left going to this cemetary talking to him as he lies lifeless in this wall that is coming in between us im trying my hardest to reach out to him but as of now i cant figure out no other way i know that he with me  but i keep questioning  myself if he forgive me Im in need of any and everybody  i cant do this alone please work through this with me                       Misha773-251-1883

My friend  / Keisha Hudson (S.F)  Read >>
My friend  / Keisha Hudson (S.F)

C.J I MiSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS you like crazy. See somedays I get like this and otherdays, I can look at your face and SMILE. There is nothing more I can do nor say but I TRULLY DO LOVE YOU. And all yea (KEep Your MEMORY ALivE)


ha! You thought forgot...  / Niketa Chachere (Friend)  Read >>
ha! You thought forgot...  / Niketa Chachere (Friend)
hey baby... I just got back from my 4th tour in Iraq LOL!!! I kno...I kno, its my last time this year I'm going to Korea! LOL! Anyway not a day went by that I didnt talk about you or think about you in someday. I went home last year and I really couldnt even call it home. I didnt even get into it with my dad cuz it wouldn't have been the same ya kno going to your house and you not being there. I guess in my mind I'm still expecting to wake up and u b there but its not like that. I still have your number in my phone thinking I'm going to call you. I guess that's my way of still holding on. I could never seem to let go of you even when you were home...LOL! And for some reason I wont ever let you go and I shouldnt have to. I miss you so much man. I cant even explain it. But when I speak of you I always tell people you became what you always were to me. My angel! I hope you can feel what I feel or see me when I think about you. I've never forgotten you and I never will forget you. I loved you since before I could remember and I still do. Just wanted to right you again and tell you that. Thank you for still being there for me and watching over me... LOL! Its still just like the good ol' days. Youre still to my rescue! Muuuuaaaahhh!!! Close
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