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I cherished the 661,564,800 seconds spent with you  / Jackie Luckett (Mother)  Read >>
I cherished the 661,564,800 seconds spent with you  / Jackie Luckett (Mother)

(603 days - post Cardon!!!) Cardon in your short life you gave me more joy than I can possibly count.  You were my true passion, my real purpose for living.  However, I decided today to do the math down to how many seconds you brought me nothing but pure joy and it is as follows:    

7,657 Days - 1,092 Sundays - 20 Birthdays -  20 Christmas - 20 Thanksgiving -  20 Easters - 5 Leap Years -  18 years of school - 8 years of after school care - 183,768 Hours - 11,026,080 Minutes and 661,564,800 Seconds. 

I do not believe I will live another 7,657 days.  Each day I can feel my mind, my body and my soul grow weaker.  I am numb! I have no passion and no real joy.  My life today is dark, I often speak of living my own personal hell everyday.

Love Always Your Supermom

Just saying hey  / Elon (Friend)  Read >>
Just saying hey  / Elon (Friend)
Hey Cardizie,

I know it been a while since I wrote but I think of you almost everyday, somewhere, someone reminds me of you and your silliness! I don't think I told you before but I work with Sadira, we figured that out over the summer and both ended up seeing Charles at the PHLI Block party. I know you know he's married now, crazy I know! I find myself still talking about you as if you never left, I guess I think of it like it just one of our long breaks we go without seeing or talking to each other. Anywho, just wanted to tell you I miss you and can't wait to hang out with you again.


Elon Close
THINKIN OF U  / Tangela Woods (friend)  Read >>
THINKIN OF U  / Tangela Woods (friend)
Hey I just wanted to come and show you some love. I miss u. I think about you all the time. Everytime I turn on my computer, your face is there. Im going to come and visit you really soon. Luv u hun. TTYL Close
like you'll never see me again...  / Nicole Jackson (Broussard) (friend)  Read >>
like you'll never see me again...  / Nicole Jackson (Broussard) (friend)
Hey Cardon,

I heard that new Alicia Keys song today, "LIKE YOU'LL NEVER SEE ME AGAIN."  It really made me think about you, how I took for granted the last time I saw you ...You picked me up and hugged me and said really loud "WHAT UP STAR?" I was thinking...y he always embarrassing me? lol well, I wish I charished that moment like I would never have seen you again...well  I can't take it back but eventhough at the time I was embarrassed, I appreciate your friendship and acknowledgment. I'm sure just like me that song will remind a lot of people of you...miss u more than ever my friend.

gone but never forgotten  / Key (friend)  Read >>
gone but never forgotten  / Key (friend)
Hey You,

I know it has been a minute since i last wrote you on here...just because I have not wrote you does not me I am not thinking of you nor missing are always on my mind...some days heavier than others....i still cant believe you are not here....i swear im still waiting for that loud radio to come blairing down the street and see your beautiful waiting for you to call my phone and say..."heyyy kid im downstairs." well im going to stop writing now because if i write anymore im going to tear up....i check in with you later. Close
My Thoughts  / Keisha Hudson (special friend )  Read >>
My Thoughts  / Keisha Hudson (special friend )
Cardon I can't belive it's been over 400 days since the last time i seen your face or heard your voice..........I trully feel like a part of me is gone and I can never get it back. It took some time for me to write this but, I'm glade i can NOW....i did'nt realize That I cared for you the way I did!!!!  when you where here and futher more I had no clue....that I TRULLY LOVED YOU and (always will).I still cry at night wishing you were here..........I can relate to your mother somewhat  when she said she's living in a twlight zone, on 7-11-07after your funeral i went home and cried my self to sleep and in my dream, You had pasted, And i was praying in my sleep that it was not true then i woke up and layed there with my eyes closed praying that i just did not go to your funeral....But it ws true,U R REALLY GONE.....I don't want to start CRYING wright now so I'll end it earlly//////cus please belive i can go on all night but if I can leave 1 thing with you, it would be for me to thank you for being in my life you were and always will be AMAZING IN MY EYES  ***LOVE YA YOUR TRULLY KEIS**
P.S Jackie can you please call me i miss you Close
wat up  / K. J. (step bro )  Read >>
wat up  / K. J. (step bro )
jus showing i still remember you an im gon visit yo spot eventually Close
Cardon Jacque' Harris - My Everything A-Z  / Jackie Luckett ((Cardon's Mother) )  Read >>
Cardon Jacque' Harris - My Everything A-Z  / Jackie Luckett ((Cardon's Mother) )

(456 - Days) For those of you who ask why I count the days and when will I stop counting the days, I count the days because -- My, my, my, Cardon Jacque’ Harris was Everything to me. Cardon was my existence, heart, hero, my strong shoulders, my big hug, my drug of choice, my identity, my necessity, my security blanket, my stars, moon, sunshine he was my whole universe.  Cardon  motivated me to be the best that I can be and the only role I know is "Supermom". I will forever count the days.

Cardon Jacque’ Harris
My Everything A-Z 

My Angel
My Best friend
My Cardon
My Dreams
My Everything
My Future
My Giant
My Heaven
My Investment
My Jacque’
My King
My Miracle
My Namesake
My Ovation
My Purpose
My Quarterback
My Reason
My Strength
My Tribute
My Universe
My Vision
My World
My Xmas
My Yearning
My Zest for Life.

Love Always Mom!!!

k.J. / K.j. Spurlin (step bro )  Read >>
k.J. / K.j. Spurlin (step bro )
i miss an i still keep u n  mind Close
k.J. / K.j. Spurlin (step bro )  Read >>
k.J. / K.j. Spurlin (step bro )
i miss an i still keep u n  mind Close
Nothing Without You - Love Always Mother  / Jackie Lucket (Cardon's Mother )  Read >>
Nothing Without You - Love Always Mother  / Jackie Lucket (Cardon's Mother )

08-08-07 (402 days).  I am weak and have no hope for better days. 

Love Always, Mother. Close
I got touched...will pay it forward  / Tish (Recipient of an Angel (Cardon) )  Read >>
I got touched...will pay it forward  / Tish (Recipient of an Angel (Cardon) )
Talked to a beautiful woman today,
You know her very well,
She has a heart pure as gold, from her words I could tell
She spoke very highly of you and I could sense she misses you so
I could hear in her voice it was hard to let you go,
But she did it with grace and feels pleased that you are in His arms
Because now she can rest knowing you are safe from harm
But nobleness and great memories you did leave behind
She told me you opened your heart to others, and treated them so kind,
I can also tell you are a perfect extension of her, created to fulfill a plan,
You continue to carry on her joy and compassion, touching everyone you can Close
We were practically neighbors  / Charmaine (South Holland Neighbor )  Read >>
We were practically neighbors  / Charmaine (South Holland Neighbor )
I didn't know this young personally but just seeing this site, all the pictures, and tributes that were written I can tell that this young man was loved very much.  I lost my fiance due to a motorcycle accident (which will be two years 08/07/2007).  The accident occured on 156th and Prince Drive a block before Greenwood.  Two blocks from the house (156th & Kimbark Ave.).  I just happen to doing a search a google and came across this site.  

I want to send my condolences to the family and friends of this young man.  I know that things happen in our lives that we wish we could change but we just have to trust God and the plans that he have for us.  There is so much going on this world today and it's accidents like this that wakes us up and see things differently.  In my immediate family this was the first time I've experienced a lost so great.  It will be two years and it's still unbelievable too me that he is gone.  I just pray and hope that my (our) daughters grow up okay and remember the man that their father was. 

This lost "YOUR LOST" was so close to home to me (we were practically neighbors) that I had to say something.  I'll keep you all in my prayers.  

Thinking of u.  / Itia Berry (school friend )  Read >>
Thinking of u.  / Itia Berry (school friend )
Everytime i c someone riding a motorcycle, i think of your humor but also say to myself PLEASE be careful. I just want you to know that you are always on my mind. I'm not a computer person but it's for u. Love and Miss ya much. Close
Happy Birthday!  / Chanel Carter (Lil Sis/Neighbor )  Read >>
Happy Birthday!  / Chanel Carter (Lil Sis/Neighbor )

Hey Bro!!! Yeah it's me again. And you prolly know what I'm coming for this time. But yeah ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY!!!! Today Is YOUR day so make sure you do it like it was meant to be done up there!
Love Ya,

Always with us  / Sharon Davis (Aunt)  Read >>
Always with us  / Sharon Davis (Aunt)
Hello  Okay, so we went to the Cemetary on 07-02-07 and your mother and I waited until the 3 or 4 burials were done and your mom stayed in the truck.  I got out and said a short prayer.  I asked your mother to get out but she stayed in air condition.  Soon your cousins and Aunt arrived along with Ping and Sagun, another young lady, Nick and Torree.

I said another short prayer and it went something like this.  Lord, we thank you for the life of this young man.  People have asked how did we make through the year.  We did it with your help second by second, minute by minute, hour by hour.  No one here is on the day by day yet.  Love never dies.

We then stepped outside the mausoleum and released balloons and we watched them until they disappeared into the sky.  Those balloons are soaring just like you are in heaven.

We cracked jokes and laughed and reminicised a little.  We held our heads high just like you wanted us to.

Thank you for the lone bird that appears outside my kitchen window everyday.  I feel it is your spirit reminding me that you are great and still with us.  Brooke talks about you all the time.  Your pictures are in a place in our home where we look at you first thing and also the last thing at night.  You are still here with us.

Now here is a scripture that makes me think of you.  I tried to learn it verbatim but here goes. 
Now abide faith, hope, love.  These three.
The greatest of these is Love."

Faith because I know you are doing better than us and that you are in heaven.  Hope because we hope to see you again one day and we also have faith that we will.  Love because love never dies.  You caould be absent from the body until we are 110 and we will never stop loving you.

loving submitted,

TT Sharon Close
Another Day, Another Year  / Paul Munday   Read >>
Another Day, Another Year  / Paul Munday

Its been a yeaar since you've been gone, it seem like it was just yesterday that I got the call about u. It saddens me and probably everyone who knew u that its ur anniversary. We gon party like rock stars down here just like u doing up there. Keep doing what u doing in us as well as what u doing up there. Its a blessing that u made a impact in peoples life like u did cuz ur name is still remember and talked about and its no negative. Be Bless. One Love

1 year and missing you more than ever  / Brandon Willaby (friend)  Read >>
1 year and missing you more than ever  / Brandon Willaby (friend)
as i go through my day it feels weird i know to day is a day im supposed to remember yet i know im forggeten what it is then it hit me hard it was the day we lost you and i start to cry ans even as i write this i cry my chest starts to hurt and i think it been a year already but trust me its not 1 day i dont think about you it iwas you who set the way for me to be the person i was at thornwood i think what would my life have been like if you wouldnt have graced it i thank you cuz to be honest its a part of you n me cuz if you i can say that wit pride i am the man i an partly cuz of you and trust me ima keep doin it big just like you told me to my new motto in life is go hard or go home and you went hard everyday of yo life i just pray to god i can be half the man you were u were like my brother i looked up to you when things go good i think cardon made that happen when things go bad around me i think cardon kept that from happening to be i look at you as my guadian anhel lokking ova me and protecting me and you doin a damn good job and i thank you just keep me on that path you were on let me graduate and when i get that degree it will be both of ours R.I.P CARDON I LOVE YOU MY DUDE AND WILL NEVA FORGET BUT I WILL ALWAYS MISS YOU TIL I GET UP THERE AND SEE YOU AGAIN. Close
You shine  / Racheal Banks (Friend)  Read >>
You shine  / Racheal Banks (Friend)

I still think of you. You are not forgotten. I can't belive it's been a whole year. I see your picture everytime I look into my mirror. People always ask, "who is that?" I say Cardon. They say he is soooo handsome and that you have beautiful smile. And of course I agree. Just know that you are loved and we still miss and will never forget. R.I.P Cardon.... Love Rae- Rae 

07-02-06...a day I will never forget  / KEya (Friend)  Read >>
07-02-06...a day I will never forget  / KEya (Friend)

Well Cardon........its here, its been one year since you been gone.  it seems like now you were on my mind like never before....i mean each day got better and better as i learned to accept your just brought back bad memories and made me wake up in tears... this time last year i woke up to a phone call that you were gone......i remember i tried to play it cool but i just broke also made me think of how i did not attend your funeral...i deeply regret that but what can you do...i didnt attend your funeral because of my issues i have with funerals in general.  But I remember you comming to me in my dreams and letting me know that it was okay that i didnt attend...yesterday i saw someone on a motorcycle and freaked out when the car almost hit him, because it made me think of you...even though im a bit teary eyed right now i know today is not a sad day but a celebration of you life...*Muah*

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