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1 Year  / Jasmine Jeffries (Friend)  Read >>
1 Year  / Jasmine Jeffries (Friend)
I cant believe it's been a year since you slipped away into eternity. You have truly been missed down here on earth, but I know up there is way better. Sometimes I sit and think of you and just began to cry, and other days I will think of you and just laugh about the memories we've shared. I was just thinking about the day at our apartment in crazy Dekalb " You and Torree" Thats all I will say LOL, if you were there then you're probably cracking up right now!!! You always put a smile on my face when I saw you, you would say "Whats Up Jassy Jeff". You and Kristain were the first ones to start calling me that at Dirksen yall was so OC. Everyone hated to see you go so soon and we all loved you but God loved you best. I will continue to keep you in my heart.
Love Ya
its your anniversary !!!!!!!!!!!  / Nafshia Brown (my guy )  Read >>
its your anniversary !!!!!!!!!!!  / Nafshia Brown (my guy )
today is a special day its your anniversary. i was bout to bust out the song but  on some real that was one quick year just when when people started dealing with the fact your gon her comes the day again open up all those emotions feom last year.i was with ashley and my sis the other day and ashley said everytime she see a star alone she call it the cardon star now all the time im looking for the cardon star just so i can say yall i saw cardon today thats crazy i kno but that what we gotta do we cant just come over or make that road trip for those slumber parties we use to have. this is crazy ass hell i cant believe i gotta talk to my friend over the internet u kno i still gtot your numbers stored in my phone i even catch myself sayin this nigga cardon hasnt signed on in a long time whats really good.but  im at work so let me get off this computer before i get in trouble 

Its Been One Whole Year!  / Chanel Carter (Lil Sista/Neighbor )  Read >>
Its Been One Whole Year!  / Chanel Carter (Lil Sista/Neighbor )

Cardon.....Bro its been one whole year.  Oh things have changed around here. I just not the SAME! I miss you so much. You youve been gone, it has seem to get a little quiet around here.  I dont have anyone to come in at who knows what time in the morning bumpin dey music!  But one thing is you havent been forgotten! I wish you could just come back for one more day!  Its getting kinda crazy down here, One of Ronald's friends just past away two days ago! Well, I was just stopping by to say hey and i know your loving it up there so there would be no need of asking how r u doing?! But I will touch bases with you lata!
Love Ya Bro!
~!~Ur Lil Sis Chanel~!~

still cant believe  / Aaron Pickett (fam)  Read >>
still cant believe  / Aaron Pickett (fam)

I miss my dawg i cant beleive that its over, but im a soldier so i gotta get over.  cant stay sober im just try'n to get over.

one year ago  / Ella Cannon (lil sis and neighbor )  Read >>
one year ago  / Ella Cannon (lil sis and neighbor )
car car, do you remember me. its gabby or as you would some time call me little sis or little miss. lol cardon today some thing happened. i lost someone that i love just as i was thinkin about you. my best friend died last night. all that pain and suffering that i had experienced last year came back. i wanted to just call you or your brother to talk but i couldnt bring my self to do that. car- car, do you miss it here? i know you do but something in side me tells me that you are here watching me like as if you were right over my shoulder as i am typing this letter. one year ago today was the last time i ever saw you. the last time i saw you smile or laugh. the last time i saw you on that bike of yours that you loved so so much because it was a gift from someone that you loved. the last time i heard you talk about jattorie because i know that was the only girl that you loved. trust me she loves you back because i heard her say it again and again. today was a sober day. a day that i spent crying rembering memories of you and me jsut meeting for the first time. memories of my sister pratically fainting after your 2 dogs chased her and me yelling at your brother about your dogs almost biteing my sister.... cardon i dont know what else to say besides i miss you and we need you to be here with us and watch over us. i need you to show me in some way that every thing is going to be ok. my friend died and one is in the hospital on life support. i need you to tell me that everything will jsut be fine. i need you here with your mom to comfort her over these next few days as she is going to go through the hardest week of her life. i have been there. my grand mother died on my sisters birthday and every year is like hell but nothing compares to the past year in darkness and the darkness that your mom has been in and i am so so happy that she was able to escape the darkness with the support of your family and friends and i have been there for her 100 percent. i love you and will always miss you cardon. rest in peace! Close
missin you so  / Ashley Weathersby (my brotha/friend )  Read >>
missin you so  / Ashley Weathersby (my brotha/friend )
Man............ as i sit here writing this im crying trying to get it all out. It's like I dont even want next Monday to even happen. Its almost a yr since you left us and it gets harded and harder for me to not think about what happend on July 2nd...Words cannot even express how much i truely do miss you Cardon. Sometimes i sit and think of my what if' what if it rained that day, what if Charles had you on the phone jus 2 more minutes maybe you would have avoided what took place..i dont know maybe its jus me thinkin that, but i do know that i love you and miss you so. I promise it really hasnt been the same. We all laugh and joke but in the end we all are thinking "Damn, Cardon should be here laughing and jokin with us." didnt even seem right seeing all of the guys saturday night over Eddy t crib without you never seems right anymore. Its jus so crazy how much of an impact you had on everybody, that nothing seems right cause you not there. How you did its just a blessing and i thank Jackie for raising you to be such a wonderful and caring person that would do anything to help anybody...but i need to stop writing, people keep asking me whats wrong at work. lol clowns!!...aye i love you though, you know you will always be in my heart and i'll see you again fool.

Young Money & Young Money Sweethearts 4 life!!!

p.s tell me why ping got my son saying "aye fool" and "aight fool"..hahaha..HALARI!!!.. Close
catching up  / Krystina Brown (friend)  Read >>
catching up  / Krystina Brown (friend)
well i havent seen, or heard from you in awhile, and i will admit its hard as crap. everyday i go out and see a damn bike, and i imagine you on it looking oh so damn happy. i remember everytime i saw you on that bike you lookied so full of life. ive had alot of brake downs i mean alot. your picture is sitting in my car i look at it everyday and smile, and sometimes cry. i think about you 24/7 365 you will be one person that will always be on my mind constantly. oh yeah miles and i are moving in together, and i got a brand new car. im excited i cant get my bike until hmmmmmmmm, maybe next year. well got to get ready for work ill talk at you later hey jatorree how are you feeling? happy belated birthday jackie i sent you a text message on your birthday. love you all

krystina Close
lets catch up  / Nafshia Brown (my bruv )  Read >>
lets catch up  / Nafshia Brown (my bruv )
whats up my bruv this is still kind of crazy to me it still has not hit home yet its like you on vaction somewhere i wish you would come back home. im pretty sure u heard about yo boy charles and ash getting married thats hella crazy who would of thought of that one right but everybody is good i havent been to see your mom in while but im always  thinking and asking about her and gon get over there.but nothing is going on with me just been working hella hard me and my sis tryna move out i think its just that time for our own space you kno but i was just shouting u out ill get at u later

luv ya 
moochie Close
today is just one of thpse days.  / Krystal Matthews (8th thur 12 grade )  Read >>
today is just one of thpse days.  / Krystal Matthews (8th thur 12 grade )
today i drove by the cemetery and i started to think about you and started to cry. i cant believe that you really gone. if thou we lost contact after high school you still were my guy. i remeber all the fun we use to have in class talking about the teacher. i miss your smile, you luahg and your goofy ways. today is a miss cardon day for me. but i know you are in a better place now and we will meet again. love you miss you. Close
waiting to breathe again  / Sharon DAvis (Aunt)  Read >>
waiting to breathe again  / Sharon DAvis (Aunt)
Okay.  I know the experts say grieving takes up to 2 years.  (for non-parents) However, with the year anniversary coming up, I can honestly say that I may have moved 1/2 notch since July 2nd, 2006.

I can go through chunks of minutes and feel okay but then the reality always sets in and I am back to square one.  

I thank God for you.  I thank God for choosing our family to bring you to.  We will always love you and the scripture is right.  The greatest of these is Love.  Love never dies.  

Everyday, your name is mentioned at least 3 times in our house.  Brooke will never forget you.  She doesn't believe that you were chubby as a kid.  You must remember that you were a teenager when she arrived.

Brooke teased me about my license plate and asked me why I put CARDON Jr on it.  I laughed.  I explained to her what the plate stood for and meant.  Besides Ping and Shagun saw it and immediately understood what it meant.

God loves you and so do I.  Keep flying like that bird.  Your favorite Aunt, Sharon.  (just kidding)  I know TT Priscilla was your favorite. Close
For Jackie...Thinking of you both (Cardon/Jackie)  / Tish   Read >>
For Jackie...Thinking of you both (Cardon/Jackie)  / Tish
God initiated love, Jesus embodied love, and the Holy Spirit pours out that love on us.

Unwelcome guests visited Jesus all the time, the guests of loneliness, anger, grief, and suffering. But he embraced those guests (with folded hands of course) and turned them into love, joy, and comfort. You have poured your love into your child as God does, and in turn he was able to share that love and touch the lives of many people, a deed that some people can’t or are not able to do throughout their whole lives. That is truly a gift above all, to share love unconditionally.

Not only did you donate to help someone with another chance of life, but opportunities for a few more weeks, months or years to be saved and understand and share the power of God. You may have lost the physical presence of your dear one, but you have gained something so much more valuable to God, the strength and compassion to share His love with many who are lost, broken, and unloved.

With love, always...Keeping you in Thoughts, Prayer and Heart

Tish Close
Missin you  / Krissy C.   Read >>
Missin you  / Krissy C.
Everyday I take time to be thankful for everything in life and one thing I am thankful for is you. You are one of the few people who could make me smile. I remember your smile and i see it in my dreams. I remember New Years Eve last year, the party you, aaron, nick and charles threw was so much fun. I just wanted to say I love you so very much and you are apart of me everyday. Close
i miss you  / Gabby Cannon (lil sis and neighbor )  Read >>
i miss you  / Gabby Cannon (lil sis and neighbor )

hey big brother, i miss you so much. i cry everytime i think about you because honestly i am really depressed wathcing everyone miss you so much espically your mom and your brother. as the sweetest person that lived you make my day as i pray that god is taking care of you. as your homegoing date approaches again i cry as i look at your picture. people dont know this but i cried for hours when i found out that you were gone. i have grown to love your brother as if he was my own like i did with you and your step dad has become close with my family. jackie is so sweet and she loves you very much. as my birthday came up i reflected on how sweet it was that you gave me a gift last year and i was reading the card you had made me and thought that you even gave me that card after just knowing me for 3 weeks and only seeing me like 4 times. over the summer i saw you more and more and knew you were a sweet and caring person. i keep your pic on my wall for me to pray for you every morning. please understand that no one on this earth has forgotten you. your brother kj needs you the most. when i am around him i can tell he misses you. i miss you so much and i need your spirt with me like you wold always be with me during my times in need during the times i knew you. your life countuines on in your mother and step-father and i see it everyday 

                          luv gabby

On my mind  / Keya Coleman (Friend)  Read >>
On my mind  / Keya Coleman (Friend)
Hey you,
once again im sitting up late and thinking about you.  I was sitting back and laughing with my friends about last year when i first met you.  In the short time that i knew you, you really had an impact on my had an impact on me way before your death... if i had the chance to say anything to you again i would let you know how special you are to me, and how much you stay on my matter where i go or what i do, i will always take a piece of you with me..especially that killer smile that you had...well just thought id let you know that Close
R.I.P. MY FRIEND  / Jakki Slaughter (friend from middle school )  Read >>
R.I.P. MY FRIEND  / Jakki Slaughter (friend from middle school )
Never in a million years did i ever imagine that you would be one of the firsts to go.  I just found out about your death.  My heart just dropped when i read R.I.P. CARDON HARRIS.  I wondered how, why, is this really true?  I remember the good times we shared back in middle school.  Even though i moved away during high school, I would often reminisce about all my friends I left behind.  And for some reason, you were one of the friends that I will never forget. Thank you for all the laughs, the stories, and the memories.  R.I.P. MY FRIEND. Close
What up?  / Marc B. (Friend)  Read >>
What up?  / Marc B. (Friend)
What up, C?  Just stopping by here to say whats up.  Man, its crazy how its almost a year.  My barber Fred died last the monday before last.  A drunk driver ran into him on stoney and I had flashbacks on you.  And like you, I was cool because I knew he is pain free and walking those streets of Gold.  Im just here to say stay up..always on my mind bro.  Be easy..maybe you and fred can ride motorcycles together.. Close
Sorry / Naa (Friend)  Read >>
Sorry / Naa (Friend)
Hey Cardon! I know its horrible that Im just now writing on your page but I have visited it quite a few times. Usually I just scroll through the pics and see what new comments have been added because I never know what to say. Today i refused to let that stop me though. You were truly genuinely nice person. I keep saying everyday that Im going to visit you but everytime i go the cemetary is always closed. Lauren, Dri and, I are gonna come up there together. Im trying to finish this before the tears come so it will atleast make some sort of sense!lol But I hope your at peace up there and I hope to visit you at the cemetary soon...ON Time!  Close
Still Here  / Marcus Wade (Cuz)  Read >>
Still Here  / Marcus Wade (Cuz)
C what up boa. My bad i aint wrote on here recently man. I just been goin through so much at the crib and with life period man. Ken came over the other day, he seem like he doin cool. Every time i go ova to the crib, Jackie aint never there. She always gone, but i wanted to go by and check on her. Man im finna be gettin signed and come out wit my first album cuz. I told you i was gone do it big man, now im doin it for the both of us. Remember when we use to ride back to NIU from the crib, and i was always rapping in the truck, then u would put on something soft and start singin, lol. Man i miss the times we had yo, real talk. From being at school, or being at the crib man. Im gone make my way up to the cemetary one day this week so i can holla at you though. I might have lost a close friend and brother, but i gained an angel and a forever eye over my shoulder. Until next time, be easy yo.... Close
still on my mind  / Keya (Friend)  Read >>
still on my mind  / Keya (Friend)
Heyyyy just stopping by to write you and let you know that i am still thinking about you..that will never ever stop tho..i want you to know that you are really missed.  well save a spot up there in heaven for me. *muah* Close
Remembering Cardon..  / Crystal (friend)  Read >>
Remembering Cardon..  / Crystal (friend)
The only reason why people hold on 2 memories so tight is because memories are the only thing that won't change when everything else does. Close
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