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To Cardon n Jatorree  / (Mexican) Crystal Herrada (Friend)  Read >>
To Cardon n Jatorree  / (Mexican) Crystal Herrada (Friend)
Hey Cardon and Jatorree...

I left NIU in 04! So its been awhile...  I just recieved a message from someone about what happened..i was in complete shock. You just think out of all people, the nicest and the friendliest. so why you Cardon? I took out a picture i had of you and me, so ill post that soon! I miss you friend.Jatorree my prayers r with you for a fast recovery. You were in my bedroom one day at school using my computer, and i took a picture of you. I honestly thought you looked so pretty in that picture, and im sure u still are. Cardon is watching over you, and just remember all those memories you both had. To let you both know i had a baby girl in Jan of 07. Her name is Alyssa Gianna... Shes so pretty and looks like her mommy =). I miss you both and our NIU time. Take care. - Mexican Crystal Close
Reminiscing... / Risha W. (*freind*)  Read >>
Reminiscing... / Risha W. (*freind*)
I swear I can see a million things a day and relate them all back to u! I miss u like crazy man...I know we joked about me having u saved as a**hole in my phone but you know how I am...You were anything but...I'm glad you understood me and didn't find it offensive! Lol. I have so many thoughts of u and your two crazy dogs...I remember how Zeus and Hades were very protective of u and threatened to bit me if I tried to wake u up so I could go home...Lol. They scared the mess out of me sometimes! But I dunno...just different my life would be if u were still kept me smiling and I feel like a part of me left with u....See u later... Close
Thinking of you....  / Collette Walton (Friend)  Read >>
Thinking of you....  / Collette Walton (Friend)
I didn't know Cardon extremely well, but we definitely knew who each other were. The thing I will remember most is his contagious Smile...I have picture of you that sits on my desk and I look at it and often wonder about your family and all the lives you've touched. Even though we weren't the best of my own way, I miss you and my continued prayers to your family... Close
just thinking about you  / Krystina Brown (friend)  Read >>
just thinking about you  / Krystina Brown (friend)
well life is very boring without you here now. i could always call you up, and you would always have something planned to do. i call people now they dont be on nothing, but the same crap. so what else is there for me to do, but go to work and think about you, come home look at your picture by my tv cry, and smile at the same time, and go be with miles. those are my daily plans i kid you not. i miss you so much my bruv you just dont understand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we finally went to a ok party at u of i this weekend at the canopy i was thinking about you really hard that night, because to my surprise i saw a guy that favored you so much. he had the whitest teeth that i have ever seen in my entire life like you, the prettiest smile i have ever seen, he smelled wonderful like you also, he was light skinned, and to put the icing on the cake he knew every damn body there in the party. especially the girls he was a ladies man just like yourself it looked like he was talking the draws off them hefers too lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but i love you my bruv forever and ever. i hope everything goes well with ms. first lady, and her last surgery i hope your doing exceptional jatorree ill keep you in my prayers as well.                                                 klove Close
whats poppin  / Marques Ray (Homie)  Read >>
whats poppin  / Marques Ray (Homie)
Whats good my dude I know its been a minute and i aint wrote you but you see what i been doin! This music thing this whole industry got me spinnin and the family tryinto keep it tight but u see though man i just be missin u always talkin crazy and having fun u was living it my dude u was always living it and everybody want to be you , be around you , and do the things you do! booman( your fake son) my son asked about u he said whats good and shanniya our daughter (ma and shanneka"s) i dont know if you saw her but she and he are so big now and i just wish you were here you will neverbe forgotten as long as its breathe in my lungs cardon! every show every song i spit i got your energy with meknow that keep watching me i'll be famous yet !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Close
HAPPY VALENTINES DAY  / Nikki Chachere (friend)  Read >>
HAPPY VALENTINES DAY  / Nikki Chachere (friend)
Hey sweetie, i know it's been a minute since i got on here and wrote to you...but it's not like i dont talk to you everyday you know.  You know i have a lot goin on and i know you are proud of me...ya girl finally made it.  I know you saw the drama i had the other night and if you were here it would have all been okay.  But im sure you will guide me in the right direction...I miss you more than you will ever possibly know and you are not forgotten.  I love you and i always will.  You will always be the guy for me.  Happy Valentines Day baby boy...imma holla at you in a minute. Close
My Guy!!!  / Ashley Smith (my bruv )  Read >>
My Guy!!!  / Ashley Smith (my bruv )
What up dude!...Now i havent wrote on here in a very long time....i come by and see who's been talking to you like every other day.. but i dont get a chance to write myself..Its jus like Moochie said i dont wanna talk to you like this, i wish i could do it face to face. So much has been going on and i jus wish i could call and talk to you about it. I seriously miss you dude....It is not a day that goes by that i dont sit and think of you....I try and go by Jackie's house when i get the time but she dont neva be home......JACKIE YOU NEED TO BE HOME WHEN I DECIDE TO COME BY..HAHAHAHA. naw but i just wanted to let you know, as if you already dont, that i love you and miss you dearly..i'll see you again....

Ashley a.k.a slim Close
Thinkin of You  / Tiffany Nelson (Close Friend )  Read >>
Thinkin of You  / Tiffany Nelson (Close Friend )
I know you're talking about me for "whining" right now but I can't help it. I miss you so much and I still don't understand why this has happened. I am dealing with it but you know that I will never 4get you and the real friendship we had. I haven't seen or talked to Torree but I hope she is doing well and I hope you are "Lettin it Rain" up there....LOL Close
just catching up  / Moochie (my guy )  Read >>
just catching up  / Moochie (my guy )
what up boi , my bad its was cold as crap the other day sorry i couldnt stay that long but i was freezing i havent seen jackie in a long time ive been hella busy im tryna get this job got to school and get the hell out of my moms house all the same time and its wearing we out im trying to do to much but things havent been the same i dont mean to get all sensitive on you im supposed to be the not so sensitive one and you turned me into this person that crys when she hears the songs you like or the songs that play on your site or see your car i dont know i really dont want to be this way and i wish i didnt have to be and i really wish that i dont have to talk to you this way i just want to call you but i cant so ill write til i cant write nomore but ill holla at you later 
              moochie Close
Finally got an idea for a license plate  / TT Sharon Davis (Aunt)  Read >>
Finally got an idea for a license plate  / TT Sharon Davis (Aunt)
Hello He-baby,

I almost started to get that put on my license plate but came up with something more creative.  

Last week was somewhat decent.  However, this week is pretty bad again.  That's okay because I know you are looking down smiling and saying you are alright.  I know you are.  In case, you didn't know this, you will never be forgotten.  I carry the memory of you in my heart 24/7.  I am finally able to look at pictures I have of you now.  You know I have tons of pictures of you.

I dropped off some flowers last week.  I couldn't get that darn poinsetta out the vase.  It is frozen in there.  As soon as the weather warms up, I will remove it.  I am thrilled that someone put "Carry me higher" as the theme song.  You know that is our song.  Another good one is "I wish that I can hold you now" by R. Kelly.
I love you and will write soon.  Keep flying higher.
catching up  / Krystina Brown (friend)  Read >>
catching up  / Krystina Brown (friend)
well i had a bad night fool it wasnt looking good at all. i was watching something on t.v last night laying in my bad and had a serious breakdown. it had something to with motorcycles i saw the bikes and started balling my poor little eyes out. i havent had a breakdown in awhile, but last night it had to come out. i think about you everyday, all day. i look at you everyday your picture is sitting right in front of my t.v.. i get mad love with the sweaters that i had made of you, and torree i get hella respect. to ms. jackie i love you keep your head up girl im here for you, and granny. Oh by the way how is granny doing? i miss you guys i havent  been over there in awhile ive been busy working ill be over there to visit you guys i promise. Cardon (my bruv) i miss you, and love you forever you will never be forgotten ill love you always. To Ms. Jatorree Hudson (first lady) keep your head up girl cardons with you on your every move girl. happy belated b-day. I LOVE ALL OF YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Close
just thinking about you  / Krystina Brown (friend)  Read >>
just thinking about you  / Krystina Brown (friend)
well im just coming on here to say whats up boi. i havent commented on here in about 2, oe 3 weeks. i just want to say that i miss you, and love you dearly. hugs, and kisses boi. Close
Happy New Year/ Just wanted to say hello!  / Martina Smith (Friend)  Read >>
Happy New Year/ Just wanted to say hello!  / Martina Smith (Friend)
Hey Cardon!  I think about you all the time.  It's crazy you are gone.  But, even though you are not physically here your spirit is still alive.  Only if we could predict the future.... Continue to rest peacefully!  Talk to you later!  Close
Happy New Years  / Donna Gramlich (Mother of Another Angel {Matthew} )  Read >>
Happy New Years  / Donna Gramlich (Mother of Another Angel {Matthew} )

letter to my bruv from klove  / Krystina Brown (friend)  Read >>
letter to my bruv from klove  / Krystina Brown (friend)
well i havent been on here in awhile, but i have been to see you and talk to you on a regular. i miss you boy when i go to see you i still cant believe that your not here cutting up, and acting like a fool like you usually do. i still cant quit understand why you? i cant ever hardly put my finger on that, thats alot to swollow you not being here. everything here is still the same nothing has changed its boring as hell around these parts. ive been working trying to make all of mines, cause lord knows i need it. we had a party for the new years, and it was cool until we had a incident, but other than that it was cool at like around 12:01, but when 12:30 hit it was over. so we was all living the life for all of 29 mins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Miles, and i are still going strong, i cant complain. im waiting for it to get nice outside so i can go take this dang on test for my license im hella anxious. when i go to see you its like your not even gon i feel like im going over to your house to see you knocking on your door asking you to come out. thats exactly what i feel like doing now knocking on that damn wall asking you to come out, and chill with the old crew. it hurts real bad to face that reality that your not at home, and that wall is not your front door, and you cant come out to chill with the crew. i leave enough love on your plaque though i kiss it every time i go. i know your going to read this jackie sorry for the lip print on his plaque. ok im going to sign out i love you boi no one will ever take your place i promise you that. there will always be a place in my heart for you forever, and ever. I LOVE YOU MY BRUV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KRYSTINA a.K.a KRISTILOVE Close
New year thanking God for you  / TT Sharon Davis (Aunt)  Read >>
New year thanking God for you  / TT Sharon Davis (Aunt)
Well, He-baby, we made it through the Holiday Season.  It was rough but nevertheless we made it.  Thanks to God and you pushing us, we made it.  I have faith that you are doing just great.  No problems, no pains or aches, or worries.  We have profound sadness but behind all of this is faith.  We have faith that the Lord wanted you and that this is the Lord's world and he can take anyone he wants.

I think I am just now getting over the anger that he chose to take you.  In grief counseling, I was told that anger is a natural emotion when greiving.  When I close my eyes at night, I am thinking of you and when I open my eyes in the morning, I am thinking of you.  I am being told that in time the memories will not hurt as much.  God is still working with me on this. 

I am sorry that I couldn't be more of a comfort to our family.  I am the one who goes to church faithfully and in some ways, I feel like I didn't do much to hold the family up.  It's just that the loss was enormous and I don't care how much faith a person has, something can happen that can bring you to your knees and this was the case for me.

I am thanking God for having known you and for letting me have some input in raising you.  You know how I feel about you and always will.

I am still trying to figure out what my new license plate will read.  I think I will try to incorporate your name and Brooke's together.

Well, I will write again. Close
thinking of you in 07  / KEya (friends)  Read >>
thinking of you in 07  / KEya (friends)
hey you... well its a new year about the third time i have written you on here.. i swear cardon not a day goes by where i dont think about you.  i dunno i guess it really it me on new years when i realized that you were no longer here. let me tell you everyone misses you down here, but im sure you are happy where you are. I was just sitting here thinking about the first time that i met you and how you was bout to fight that white boi on greek row..i still laugh about that like it just happen. i was driving today and i heard i think they like me and almost cried, but not like sad tears, just cuz it was so funny to see  you dancing off of that.  u was so silly and sarcastic, but those are things that i grew to like about you.  i often ask myself what would this school year be like if you were still here... i already kno. u riding in that damn car scoping out the new freshmen...hahaha.. that was you though just a straight ladies man.  i know that prolly used to get on jattoree nerves, by the way she is better from what i hear thank GOD... i know things happen for a reason but, i really wish that i would have spoken to you one more time before this happened.. if i had the oppurtunity to do so i would let you know that there is no bad blood between me and you...but you leaving me that messege was all that i needed. i know that we fell off before this, but just know that you were never ever forgotten.. If i would have known that the last time that i saw you was going to be the last i def been more nicer to the old saying goes you dont miss it till its gone...and pleaze believe that i miss you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo goin to go now cuz im starting to tear up... but just no that you are soooo missed by all of your loved ones..i will always keep you in my memories..i know my roomies are tired of hearing about you but so wut. well i more than likley will write you later. Close
Merry Christmas  / Donna Gramlich (Mother of Another Angel {Matthew} )  Read >>
Merry Christmas  / Donna Gramlich (Mother of Another Angel {Matthew} )
catching up  / Moochie (my bruv )  Read >>
catching up  / Moochie (my bruv )
whats up my bruv havent talk to u in a while ive been hella busy with school tryna find a job but thats not at the top of my list cause everybody knows i dont like to work and nothing has changed about that but anyway school is going good.every time i ride pass your new house i blow you a good kiss and ashley told me that somebody put some bogus flowers up they need to not do that anymore but i do miss you if you didnt kno that i havent been to see jackie in a while i went over there one day jackie gon tell granny to not open the door she tried to play us good thing granny dont be listen cause she most definitly opened the door for us oh and ahh ashley brother think yo mama is oh so fine just to let you kno i had to give alittle gossip cause you kno i got good gossip but im gon holla later gotta study finals tomorrow 

yours truly your
youngmoney sweetheart Close
just thinkin bout u...  / Jovan (friend from NIU )  Read >>
just thinkin bout u...  / Jovan (friend from NIU )
I was sittin back thinking about you so I decided to drop you a couple lines.  It seems like it was just yesterday that you and I met and now you're not here...I miss you sooo much and sometimes I still can't believe you're gone, but I know that you are in a better place watchin over us. It ain't really to much to say cause I know you holdin it down up there but I will continue to keep you and your family in my prayers!!! R.I.P. Cardon...NIU is not the same without your smiling face!
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