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Thanksgiving In Heaven  / Donna Gramlich (Mother of Another Angel {Matthew} )  Read >>
Thanksgiving In Heaven  / Donna Gramlich (Mother of Another Angel {Matthew} )
When you woke up this morning
And washed your sleepy face,
Did you think to pause a minute or two
And thank God for His grace?
Or when you stepped outside today
And you saw that big blue sky,
And that shinin' sun that smiles on you
Like the Lord was sayin' "Hi"...
Did you stop to pray and thank the Lord
For the good He sends your way,
For His matchless love and His endless grace
That He pours out every day?
How would you rate at the Pearly Gate
If God said, "Don't you know...
You've as many days as you filled with praise
When you walked down there below!"
Would you get to spend just a short weekend
Or a half a dozen worth,
If He let you stay for each single day
That you thanked Him while on earth?
While it sure is great that we celebrate
What we call Thanksgiving Day,
And it's fun to see all the family
And to watch the children play...
Still, it just seems odd that we thank our God
Only when Thanksgiving's here,
For it seems to me giving thanks should be
Every day throughout the year!

God Bless,
Donna & Ron 

hey you...  / Nikki   Read >>
hey you...  / Nikki
Where do i begin, what is this like the 100th time im writin to you.  Youre lucky i dont write to you as often as i think about!!!  It would be redonculous!  <~~my new word...lame huh?  Well you know it's the ol' thanksgiving holiday today...this is my first one being here in the states...and somehow it doesnt feel right but i have so much to be thankful for.  I wish you were here but i guess i have to be thankful to know that i had the pleasure of being a part of your life when you were here.  And granted you still are here in my heart and everywhere i look or breathe or whatever.  I wanted you to know this is going to be a hard holiday but an appreciated holiday if that makes any sense to you.  LOL!!  I always did speak in riddles.  But one thing is for knew i loved you.  And i know you still know that.  And just in case you forgot I LOVE YOU!!!  Im not going to have much of a thanksgiving dinner but we will talk about that later.  You are going to watch the game with me right?  Well like i said im thankful for you...and all of my wonderful and amazing memories you blessed me with.  Cant wait to talk to you later...since i couldnt make it home to see you this holiday im going to definitely try and make it up there to chicago to give you some christmas love.  I love you baby....imma talk to you when i wake up.  thank you!  Happy thanksgiving!  Close


I just happened to come across this page and felt moved to share  / Billy Montgomery (none)  Read >>
I just happened to come across this page and felt moved to share  / Billy Montgomery (none)
As a college professor and youth ministry worker at my church, I always find it hard to see a young life full of great potential, get taken without warning. It was even harder to learn about the sister who is living with the injuries and memories of that tragic event.  God knows the pain she must feel in so many ways, but earth has no sorrow that heaven can not heal.

It is also a sober reminder that death is an appointment we all have to keep.  It doesn't ask our permission or schedule a time to meet us.  It just happens, which is why we must live a life that makes a difference.  Like so many others who die young, from Martin and Malcolm to Aaliyah and Left Eye, Cardon has touched more people in his death, than he could have ever reached in his life.  

I stumbled upon this page, quite by accident, but I remember hearing about it over the summer.  I was photographing a graduation party and some of the teens, who knew him, were discussing his death, but I didn't know him so I never inquired.  How ironic that I would come upon this page.

Just reading all the love and fond memories about this young man really makes me wish I had met him on better terms.  It will also be an inspiration for me to continue reaching out to my brothers when I see them in the class or on the grind.  They are still my little brothers.

I wish the family the best and trust that his life will live on through you all.

God Bless
Billy Montgomery Close
Miss U  / Krissy C. (Friend)  Read >>
Miss U  / Krissy C. (Friend)
So many days i wished it wasn't true but i had a dream that i went away to college and my dorm roommate was this this guy look identical to you. and for some reason he was able to answeer all my unanswered  questions that i wanted to ask you. i don't know if it was you but what ever it was i'm thankful because it put my soul at peace. I love you, i just wish i had told you the last time i saw you. But i made my peace So I hope you're happy working on cars. Loved you then, love you now, love you forever. Close
Christmas Eve without you  / Sharon Davis (Aunt)  Read >>
Christmas Eve without you  / Sharon Davis (Aunt)

He-Baby, Xmas Eve is coming up.  You know the tradition of the family to have a sit-down dinner and exchange gifts, laughter, and love.

Well what are we to do now?  The celebration is supposed to be at TT Priscilla's house this year.  At first, we all said, "no way."  You won't be there so there is no celebrating to be had this year.

I thought long and hard about it.  First of all, you wouldn't want us to stop a tradition that started after you were born.  However, I know you would still want us to get together.  This will mean a lot to your cousins, Lovest, Lindsey, and litttle Brooke.  

I asked TT Priscilla to not have a traditional Xmas Eve.  I asked her to consider having lunch (no formal food) with just pizza, chicken wings, a garden salad and maybe spaghetti.  We would have ice cream for your Mother. (of course) 

We won't exchange gifts.  I am pretty much buying gift cards this year and giving cash.  I suggested that as we are leaving TT Priscilla's house that we just leave the gift cards, etc. under the tree and they can open them later.  The same for us.  If we receive anything, just place it in a bag and on our way out, we will put in the trunk and open on Xmas day.

TT Priscilla feels that if we do anything, it will be disrepectful to your mother.  I am sure you know that we will feel bad regardless if we get together or not.  We have to do something for your cousins.  We have learned that even though we cry and mourn your passing, life does go on.  We will mourn you till we take our last breaths.  Oh, I may start crying here so I will end shortly.

I know you are riding up there and having a great time.  Tell Aunt Darlene and Gerald Levert we said Hi.

I know your spirit is with us and will be with us when we get together.  I believe it will be good for the family to get together and in my heart I think would want this.

I love you so much it is impossible to measure.  Fly like a Bird in the sky.  You have the Victory in Sweet Jesus.

I will visit you soon.

Stop Stoping thru  / Ashley A.k.a Slim (friend/brotha *Young money sweetheart )  Read >>
Stop Stoping thru  / Ashley A.k.a Slim (friend/brotha *Young money sweetheart )
Hey brotha!!...It was nice talking to you at the cemetary saturday..I promise me and charles was trying to find away to open that damn wall so we can take you out..hahaha...Who the hell put that flower on yo wall..Charles was roasting...Man anywho i love the bike on the wall too..i got a pic..i would put it on my profile.....but you know how niggas stole my last pic of you that you sent me..i didnt care bout that one but id be heated they take this one and act like they took the pic..if anybody want a pic of yo wall plate..then they need to go to the cemetary to see you and get it..but jus know i luv you..Oh and i you already know we was crackin the hell up at Jackie house friday!!!..Me, charles, ping and nick was watching the videos of you when you was in 3rd grade. and of the 8th grade talent show!!! hahahahahahhahaha!!! Cardon you was soooooo tired after doing that dance...and i dont know who told you and charles yall was good at foot working, but they lied. hahahaha.. It felt good seeing Jackie Laugh that hard.. I know it made you smile too, knowing that we still here for her..You dont have to worry...we got it under control!!..We will never leave your mother or granny side....Well I just wanted to stop by and say hello...let you know i was still thinking of you...I miss you so much...until we meet again face to face... Close
A Wonderful Son  / Mark Patterson (Friend of Jackie )  Read >>
A Wonderful Son  / Mark Patterson (Friend of Jackie )
I'm thankful to have met you through your mom, Jackie. The relationship you shared wasa one to be admired.  You were a blessing to many for a short period of time and will be forever remembered as a God send to those whose Lives you touched...Peace Be Still Close
missin u B  / Lil Earl (firend)  Read >>
missin u B  / Lil Earl (firend)
Whats up my nig. This ya boy Lil Earl. I'm just now getting out of jail. Last time we saw each other was at that fye ass party you through but anyways. I just decided to pay my respects to my ''G''. Iwas locked up when i heard and couln't believe it. You was the mans. stayed jiggy. and most of all never got into it with anyone. I damn near cried cause i couln't holla atcha before you left. But i know you all good. Love you nig and see up there.

p.s. Make sure you holla at GOD for me   Close
Just Stopping By...  / J. Robinson   Read >>
Just Stopping By...  / J. Robinson
Hey you. I just wanted to come and visit you for like the 100th time. I went and saw you at the Cemetery Saturday (Sweetest Day) =). It felt weird standing there...reflecting on memories I have of you-knowing that I will never see you again. When you go through the motions of life everyday-you think that you have your whole life to live-but in reality today or the next day isn't promised. There are so many things that I want to say now that you're gone. I don't know if I was too busy-"going through the motions", or I feel this way only because I know I will never see you again. Cardon, we had a great relationship even though we went through our "sprouts of inconsistency," but never in a million years did I think that you would be gone-just like that! I feel somewhat cheated and angry that I didn't get a chance to say goodbye-but that may have been just as hard..if not harder. I need you to know that I loved you..even when I was kinda mean to you =). You were an extraordinary person with a big heart. It hearts like hell that you're not here....Hopefully I'll see you at the "Pearly Gates"... We're missing you down here. I love you.
J Close
hey you  / Nikki Chachere (so many things )  Read >>
hey you  / Nikki Chachere (so many things )
What's goin on sweetheart...just wanted to write you again...i always talk to you but i wanted to write this time...
It's 6 am and im just getting off work those 14 hours i be puttin in aint no joke...i hate the military lol!  Anyway, i know you are always with me...the other day at work one of the lames i work with asked me about the tattoos i got on my wrists...I told him the meaning behind them ( you know i got them for you) they mean to my loved one rest in peace.  I dont speak chinese but that's what i got so every time i hold out my hand to help someone since that's what my job is and since that was what you did for me...everyone see's my were apart of me and now it's in ink...LOL!!  If that makes any since.  I miss you so much...i still struggle with the fact that you are in another place i cant just hop on the plane to go visit ya know.  I feel you here though...i talked to your mom and told her about how the other day you were here playin around bein you...and it brought the smile back to my face knowing that you still think about me and still are here for me.  I talk to you almost everyday...and i know you have your ways of sorta answerin me back.  You are truley irreplaceable.  Im copin though now.  It takes a second...but im good.  Dont really wanna come to chicago...or home as i used to know it because it's not the same anymore.  I dont have an escape from psycho sid ( ya know) lol!!  You were the strong arm.  Remember how he used to sit outside with that golf club and all the kids in the neighborhood would be afraid to come and ask if i was home, which you knew i always was cuz ya girl stayed on punishment...but you never let that stop you.  I was even shocked...but you cared that much.  That was just you.  Im about to start playin ball adjusting...when i found out about you leaving...i told myself i would never play again...cuz it reminded me of you and how after my games i would walk the "long mile" and stop by your crib just to say hi or watch you hustle "the crew" in dice.  I never did understand how yall did it so fast...LOL!!  but anyway, no matter who was there you always made it known that i mattered...and showed me the love i never got.  I looked up to you and down cuz you know i got taller!!!<~~i got jokes...lame i know...but you were my everything...that little glimpse of light that made me shine...
(sigh)...i bet you tired of readin now right...LOL!!  I would be i been up so im bouta go lay it down so i can do all over again in a couple hours.  Hopefully you will be there to help me go to sleep like you are every night.  I love you so i go cryin like a lil' punk!!!  It's cool though i would cry a river for you...imma holla at you though in a minute...
you know where i am...holla at me when you get a chance....kisses and dueces... Close
Missing you sweetheart!!!  / Jessika Bush (friend from Thornwood )  Read >>
Missing you sweetheart!!!  / Jessika Bush (friend from Thornwood )
I have so many memories of you at Thornwood, it's crazy!! But my favorite is when we double dated for my first date with Ray. I loved him so much then and I love hime even more now. I wish that I could have toasted to you at our wedding to so how much I appreciate you being apart of one of our first memories together. I understand the love that you and Jatoree shared and I keep my love going strong not just for me, but to preserve and honor the love that you two have. We weren't that close, but you are dear to my best friend Jamise and anything that is dear to her  is dear to me. I love you and I know you are doing it so big up there cause you never did it any other way!!!! Close
I'm not really sure of what to say  / ELon Lindsay (Friend)  Read >>
I'm not really sure of what to say  / ELon Lindsay (Friend)
Hey Cardizie,

I'm not sure of what exactly to say today, I'm still at Howard and imagining that  I should have seen you somewhere this weekend and I'm a little heartbroken that I didn't. I don't know if anyone really understands our relationship, hell I don't know if we even understand our relationship or lack there of.  It seem like I saw you everywhere I went, and no matter how long it had been since the last time we talked or saw each other jokes and good times went right back to normal everytime.  I still see you when I'm out, there's always someone that reminds me of you.  I wish you were here to laugh and joke with, I still can't take your number out my phone but even if I did I don't think I would ever forget it. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I miss you, know you're looking down on all us protecting and still saying crazy stuff in our ears.  Love you Cardizie and hope life is even better since you crossed those pearly gates. Close
Still wishing it was a bad dream...  / Risha (*buddy*)  Read >>
Still wishing it was a bad dream...  / Risha (*buddy*)
I had the craziest dream last nite...actually it was something like a nightmare at first because my parents were serial killers, I didn't have a car again, and u had passed away. For some reason I texted u and told u how much everyone missed u and u texted me back and told me that u missed us all so much but u had some business with God that was more important. Then out of nowhere, I was back at Niu and u walked into class saying that this was all a big misunderstanding because someone had stolen your identity! I was so overwhelmed with happiness that I cried and I damn near passed out! I woke up so happy at 3am this morning...til my girl reminded me that it was just a dream...and I cried all over again...*sighs* I'm sorry I didn't tell u how much u meant to me while u were here...u mean even more to me now... Close
Thinkin of you  / Naudia Woods (Friend)  Read >>
Thinkin of you  / Naudia Woods (Friend)

I just wanted to stop by and holla at you for a min. you were in my mind real strong so i had to do another tribute. I miss you Fam. Smile you are in a better place now. That was the easy part being down here is what's so hard. These streets are crazy and they getting worse. Best Wishes to both families.
Friend I will be back to chat with you again......... Love

Just catchin up  / Andre Herndon (Famo)  Read >>
Just catchin up  / Andre Herndon (Famo)

I had intentions on coming to your funeral. I got locked up the day before. I know we weren't that tight like we was back in the day, but in my vision you still stood tall. If you remember I met Won through you and we clicked ever since. Even though it was like we was we were headed in the wrong direction you never distanced yourself from us. When i say we i speak for everybody who is no longer here anymore. You was "GOOD AS GOLD" with the G's in our book. Do what you can up there for people down here......

Just showin love  / Brandon Fortner (-)  Read >>
Just showin love  / Brandon Fortner (-)
Cardon Harris I remember that name from the first time I met you in Algebra 1 class and you let me cheat off you even though you were the biggest asshole about it you still made sure I had the answers before you turned your work in, every since then we been cool and after awhile I knew I had found another brother in you. It is very hard for me to grasp the concept of death especially of someone you get to know and love like I did with you. It is because of you that I met my other brothers all of which know I am refering to. Cardon you were your own person and that is one of the reasons why you are missed so much. Its funny how you dont know how much a persons impacts your life until they are gone. As i think back on my life from the time that I have known you there would be things that would be completely different that why I truely believe that God puts everyone in your life for a reason. Even in death you are still very much alive in our thoughts and our jokes. You gave us a lifetime of memories and laughs in the 20 short years that you were alive.I just wanna thank you for being there for me when I needed you man even though we were close enough to not have to say thank you for things that we did for each other there is one thing that you did for me man Im not gone say it on here but man imma just say had you not done that for me man I dont know where I would be right now and thats from the pit of my heart. I love you my guy!!!!!!!!   Close
Thinking of u everyday  / Cousin Curtis (Cousin)  Read >>
Thinking of u everyday  / Cousin Curtis (Cousin)

Hey! cuz just thinking about u everday and just wishing I could hear u call my name like u used to do back in the day c that is throwback, like a book of foodstamps. c katz now a dayz have link cards and want to walk around in your image, but they practice looking hard. I'm glad u r up there with God. U and Momma just watch over me Jackie keep us on that straight and narrow path. I love u always your Big cousin Curtis  One day we will all be together again                     ONE LOVE

Miss you like crazy  / TT Sharon Davis (Aunt)  Read >>
Miss you like crazy  / TT Sharon Davis (Aunt)
It's been weeks and I count them down every Sunday.  You were the first grandchild and first male in our family of 4 females.  I use to tease you when you were a baby and you use to fight back just like I wanted you too.  You use to smile and wave good-bye to me when I would drop you and your maaa off at TDI for daycare.  You were the light of our lives. I use to sneak and give you broccoli as a baby. You were always respectful and cute.  Reflecting on these past weeks have been joyful but painful as well.  I have been to the cemetery at least 3 times and drive past it a lot.  I know I will see you again but I am selfish and miss you like crazy.  Please continue to be Brooke's guardian angel and continue to visit her.  You know your mother.  She is a rock but we all have our moments.  It is so unbelieveable to know you are absent in the body.  I will love you forever.  You are forever, our He-Baby.  Everytime I hear the song by Mariah Carey, "Fly like a Bird" it reminds me of you and where you are now.  Enjoy and Rejoice, you were the best NEPHEW on earth.

TT Sherri Close
whats up fool  / Krystina Brown (good friend )  Read >>
whats up fool  / Krystina Brown (good friend )
yeah fool well ive said it once, and im going to say it again i miss the crap out of u. there is not a day that goes by that i dont, no matter what im doing your on my brain. especially when im riding that bike, yeah fool u heard me riding that bike. im going to be riding that bike everyday that its dry just like u told me u do fool. im getting pretty good, charles is pretty jelly that it only took me all of 10mins to learn, now im the bomb. i went and got my permit its pretty expired now, i jus have to go get my license, and hopefully get me a bike. when i get it my license plate its going to say R.I.P CJH. thats tight fool dont hate. but i jus had to come on here, and talk to u for a few, and let u know whats up, and whats new. u will never be forgotten, and u will remain in my heart forever ,ill see u again i love u boi thats real talk. Close
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