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Still thinkin about u...  / Risha (*freind*)  Read >>
Still thinkin about u...  / Risha (*freind*)
Hey sweety. Its me again. Just sitting her at work thinking about u again (and probably getting written up for being on the internet, lol) Anyways, I still think about u all the time, I still have our pic on my dashboard, I even have a bracelet with ur pic engraved on it...Crazy, huh? I just remembered when u took me home from that party over by Ford city one night one of those summers we came home from school and all the time u were complaining, "How did u get here? This is only a 2 seater (u were still in the drop top)...and I got these rims on here...u better not mess up my tire...Do u hear the scrapping, Risha?" Lmao. Yet u STILL took me all the way back home to the burbs...Ha! U always made fun of me for wearing my seatbelt too...Lol. I stay in the city now and my girl has to mentally prepare herself to driving me back to the burbs to my ma's house because she knows I will have to talk her ears off about u everytime we drive past a restaurant, or near your house, etc. So many memories...I finally got my new sidekick and I can remember how excited u were telling me about how much u liked yours...So i had to redesign mine and dedicate it to u. I call it my "Don J" edition. Lol. I still have your number saved in it ironically...Anyways, I will always save a special place in my heart for u. Thank u for being a good freind to me and feeding me at school when i was being a big girl and ate up all my dinning dollars b4 the weekend hit. Thanx for being my taxi whenever I called u with a random pick up request around the crib and around campus since my car didn't work for like a year. Thank u for EVERYTHING...R.I.P. Cardon. Close
BOI STOP!!!!!!!!  / Moochie (my brotha )  Read >>
BOI STOP!!!!!!!!  / Moochie (my brotha )
mannnnn cardon this is still so unreal to me but on some for real u still u here in some way your with us its either some random thing happen or they playin poison. boi if they dont play that song out we be up in the club they playin poison it stay on the radio like that shit just came out all jokes aside we missin yo ass like crazy its not one day that goes by that i dont think why the hell u of all people it feels so wierd chillin at your house and your not ever there  havin parties goin to parties and your not there but i must say we have enough fun for u nigga. i was yo house lastnite jackies bust out some pictures and your cologne boi u kno how long its been since i smelled yo ass i didnt do it in front of jackie but as soon as i got in the car i cried i actually miss your smell damn thats crazy ill keep u posted on everybody when i come back to see u saturday and one more thing granny is a freak and she got a man at the day care but u aint heard that from me 

  i love u boi and miss u 
MY NIGGA!!!  / Mariah Montgomery (friend)  Read >>
MY NIGGA!!!  / Mariah Montgomery (friend)
I miss u so much. I have so many memories of u from high school that it makes it hard 2 b sad that u're gone. We were mad cool jo n now theres a void in my heart. I wasn't close 2 u like Charles, Aaron Nick, n nem, but we still had our connection. U were always there 2 make me feel betta. U told me stop ditchin so much, 2 ditch every now n then like u did. I just wish I coud've seen u b4 u left. I didn't have the balls 2 look @ u @ the funeral cuz I didn't wanna remeber u that way. My aunt was buried the same day but I was there fa MY NIGGA. I can't imagine the pain yo family feel but i pray 4 them. I cried so hard fa u that rainy day, but n the middle of yo funeral I started bussin up laughin. U were 2 silly, I remembered n biology how u asked 4 a hug n unsnapped my bra wit 1 hand n less than a millisecond, then asked me 2 touch yo thing n lifted up yo pants leg n said it was wrapped around yo ankle cuz u was runnin out of room n u didn't want it draggin on the floor. LOL (no disrespect 2 family but it was funny n u had 2 b there)  Love u 4eva. KISSES

Who ever submitted the picture of me, Cardon, N Brittany thank u. Close
R.I.P Cuzzo  / Ryan Sissac (Friend)  Read >>
R.I.P Cuzzo  / Ryan Sissac (Friend)
Man G, when I heard what happened I could not belive it. I didn't want to believe it. Eventhough I didn't see you that often, when we did see each other, it was never a dull moment. I remember  when me and Cha-Chi was chillen in your dorm room and you had us rollin for damn near an hour. And I remember when we was all at Paje's and I introduced you to my lil brother, and I told you he was going to NIU in the fall. And you told me you would look after him for me. That was the last time I spoke to you but I remeber it like it was yesterday. I realize why god wanted you with him instead of down here. You were an angel for god and your spirit lives in all of us now. And you better believe that every july 15, im gonna kick it extra hard just for you cuzzo!! 

R.I.P, I'll see you when I get there. 

Cha-Chi told me to tell you wussup jo!! Close
ReaL / Deshawn Thomppo (none)  Read >>
ReaL / Deshawn Thomppo (none)
Dear, Cardon  / DEANA CARTER (LONG TIME FRIEND )  Read >>

Hey Cardon I have a whole lot to say but I'm going try to rap it up. My eyes are filling with tears as I write this. Of course I remeber High School days and times but I'm gone take it back a little further Dirksen Days. And when I think of this I think mostly of 7th grade science class. You know I used to go home trace a drawing bring it back to school and say "look I can draw better than you" now of course you knew that was not the truth but you just smiled at me. At that time I had just started to write and you were one of the very few people who even knew or could even say they have read some of my poems. Till this day that still remains so. Now I have one written especially for you I know you heard it you were listening when I read it to you. The thing that was understood between us was that rather we had not seen each in other in a day, week or month our embrace in combination with your smile said it all "Hello friend, How are you?, I love you." God willing it will be awhile before I see you again but we already know our greeting for each other. I want to continue but I know I will run out of space. I'm going to end and say I love you, I miss you, I can not and will not forget you.  

Missing You More Everyday...  / Ashlie Evans (Friend)  Read >>
Missing You More Everyday...  / Ashlie Evans (Friend)
The time I knew you was more than wonderful. It wasn't very long, but the memories I have will last forever. I believe my summers in Chicago wouldn't have been right without spending some time with my guy, Cardon. But what made this summer not the greatest was that we lost you before I got my time. I just wanted to let you know that you are missed more and more everyday. Much love to you... Just do me a favor and continue to "Live in the Sky" not only for me, but for everyone else too! Close
My big brother  / Ashanique (Step sister )  Read >>
My big brother  / Ashanique (Step sister )
i still cant believe it till this day everytime i think of you i think about that time we went bowling and you bust your butt lol well i miss you and i hope you know life isnt the same without you LOVE Your Little Sis Ashanique Close
Lost without you  / Nicole Jackson (Friend from Thornwood )  Read >>
Lost without you  / Nicole Jackson (Friend from Thornwood )
Man Cardon it look me forever to write something on here, but I was just listening to that Aaliyah I miss you made me think about u (and cry). You were one of those guys I could talk 2 about anything...eventhough I knew you would make a joke about whatever it was. lol, but I alwayz knew you would give me your honest opinion.  I love'd you for that.  I never met anybody like you...a person I loved to hate! But could never stay mad at you.  I have so many funny memories of you.  How u called me STAR and I hated it! How u had everybody calling my lil sister Baby D. How we would play cardS in spanish class and you would invite all your friends to class to play we had so much fun in that class! How u came to Indiana State late as hell cuz u was bored.  What kiNd of person takes a road trip by themself when they bored? only you cardon. Then u made your own friends there and left us! LOL  You were a unique person...that's what makes you so special to everyone.  You touched every person in a special way.  Everytime me Kristen, and Nikki get together we talkin about something funny you did. LOL, well...I just wanna say THANK YOU for all the memories you left us are missed sooooo much by a lot of people. Can't wait to see u again on the other side. Close
Cardon The Hero...  / Shante Jones (Freind/Lil Siata )  Read >>
Cardon The Hero...  / Shante Jones (Freind/Lil Siata )
This is a happy face. Cardon this happy face is about you, Cardon your life on this earth was spent in all good ways. Cardon your Father in Heaven was ready for you to come home. I am not sad but happy because I know you are in a better place. Cardon I know you are looking down on me making sure I am doing whats right, and if I am not than you will also put that bug in my ear saying " Shante you that God would not like what you are doing so get back on the right track". Cardon I miss you so much and wishing you were still here being the same CJ you always has been. But I know one day we will meet again until than R.I.P. my Cardon I love you always and you will for sure be in my heart. Close
nothing can keep you off my mind  / Ashley A.k.a Young Money Sweetheart Smith (my brtoha )  Read >>
nothing can keep you off my mind  / Ashley A.k.a Young Money Sweetheart Smith (my brtoha )

La Ho Ma BOI!!!!.........YYYEEEAAAHHHHH...LOL!!! Dang Cardon you just dont know how much i really miss yo pretty ass..... Its really hard sitting and thinking about the times we all shared with you. I havent been over Jackie's lately...well i was jus over there last weekend but she was out. I just want you to know we have been there for her as if she was our mother and granny our grandmother. by the way, boi why you aint tell me yo grandma was sooooo funny. She be having me crack up jo!!.  When i was over there last week i sat and thought about that day i came over you house, me and Cameron and you smashed that taco bell i bought you. hahaha then we went to meet chedda up at the bowling jus didnt want to take my car, your jus had to take the old school....It was so funny watchin you trying to put cameron in that car seat..hahahaha im like "Cardon jus forget it, we can drive my car and you drive the old school" you like "NO, Ashley its gonna work, just give me a minute." Cameron was riding wit a lean the whole way there and back, while we watched weddin crashers on the tv in ya car....that jank so damn funny!!! Its crazy cause i threw my first get together at my new place and i was soooo drunk i threw up on ping..hehehehe but the whole time we all was just waitin on you to pull up late as hell like you always did. We waited and waited but you never came....... sigh....... I miss you my bruv and i love you sooo much....So much i wanna tell you face to face...but i know one day when we meet again we gon have the time of our lives throwing parties..Hand shake practice at 3:00 everyday..ahaha.. the whole nine. RIP Cardon my brotha for life!!


For the boy with the pretty smile...  / Stephanie Hearon (Friend/Classmate)  Read >>
For the boy with the pretty smile...  / Stephanie Hearon (Friend/Classmate)
Let me first start by saying inspite of all things, God is STILL good! I knew Cardon from high school. I'm not gonna act like we were best friends or that we talked everyday, but I knew him. I was a year older so I didn't get the opportunity to hang with him like that. But whenever his name was mentioned, I thought about his smile. He was a cutie. Whenever we saw each other, we said "Hi" and gave each other a  hug. I never got the opportunity to sit down and have a indepth conversation with Cardon, but just in passing, I felt his spirit. I could tell just by greeting him or running into him that he had an inviting and kind spirit and that is worth more than anyone could ever describe to me, because, I felt it for myself. God Bless all friends, family, associates, classmates, and whoever was blessed enough to know Cardon even a little bit.
And I thank God for keeping Jatoree, I don't know her at all, but my heart goes out to her and her family. Live your life with purpose girl, God is not through with you yet.
Cardon, your purpose has been fulfilled, I love you and I will never forget you. Close
I miss you fool  / Charles A.K.A Chedda Weathersby (one of the bruvs )  Read >>
I miss you fool  / Charles A.K.A Chedda Weathersby (one of the bruvs )
What's up my bruv, my guy. Shake up three time and go into the my guy. Boi i remember the fist day when you made that up. It was so stupid but, doing stupid things was a regular thing to us. Man im just sitting here thinking about you fool. I miss you to death (no homo) LOL. I remember the days when we didn't have nothing to do and we will either go somewhere or sit at your house all day while you either work on the old school, wash our cars, or you being oc playing halo. Boi you used to be oc with that halo game. You would play the game online with people around  the world and I would talk shit on the mic and you would say "boi you be oc, I would't like you if you was'nt so oc (LOL). It was one day that when I pulled up in your driveway and I got out of the car and you said boi you still driving that death trap, boi come over here tomarrow and get the old school cause you gone end up killing yourself driving that car you got. I loved you for that. Remember when i used to come down to NIU and it would be nothing to do and you would say chedda you wanna drink cause you know when im drunk im funny to watch. And the times when you asked me did i wanna drink and you would whisper to the people in the room and say yall ready for some entertainment and you think i didnt hear you but i did. The next day we would be on the campus and people would say you was so gone last night, you was saying and doing some oc stuff. and i would be like i dont know what the heck you talking about. Man its so much to talk about the stuff we used to do so i would keep it in memory for the rest of my life. I love you fool to the day i die and see you again. the one and only "chedda". the name you gave me. me and the bruvs talk about you everyday.

Life is too short!!  / Natoya McGary (known through friends )  Read >>
Life is too short!!  / Natoya McGary (known through friends )
I really didn't know Cardon that well, in fact, we only mey once.  I just remembering my cousin Shayla, showing me his picture and I was in like 7th grade and they were in 8th.  But I always talked about him everyday after seeing the picture.  Then I went to Dirksen's eighth grade graduation and of course she put me on the spot, telling him that I liked him, and he kissed me on the cheek.  I was too happy, but after that I only heard of him from people at school talking about his parties.  But this has really been a wake up call to a lot of people, I have realized that tomorrow isn't promised and you should never hold a grudge or be too tough to apoligize first.  Although he was taken too soon...everything happens for a reason and he is in a much better place.  To his family I continue to pray for you and I hope that God continues to bless you all.  I pray that Jatoree gets better and I hope that each day gets a little better for her!! Stay Strong!! Close
Gone but not forgotten!!!  / Timah (Fellow Rider )  Read >>
Gone but not forgotten!!!  / Timah (Fellow Rider )
I am so glad that I had a chance to meet Cardon. He was truly a special person. Close
THE ONE AND ONLY FIRST MAN!!!  / Nina Clayborn (T-Wood class mate/Friend )  Read >>
THE ONE AND ONLY FIRST MAN!!!  / Nina Clayborn (T-Wood class mate/Friend )
Man, I don't know where to start. When I first heard what happened I was praying that somebody didn't know what they were talking about. I got on the phone calling everybody, nobody knew if it was true. But then my phone started ringing and it was everyone asking did you hear what happen to Cardon.... I just started cryin cause I knew then that it was real.
Cardon from the first time I met you, i knew you were something special. Everytime i saw you it was always something special and that i will never FORGET!!!! I saw you at Secret's like a week before it happened, and i was trying to park. I said that i would say hi when i got out, but it was to late cause you were gone. I just want u to know that I LOVE YOU and you will never be FORGOTTEN....NEVER!!! I will continue to pray for your family and of course your FIRST LADY she was truly blessed to have FIRST MAN like you!

Love You Always Close
WHY U...  / Lena Hudson (My big brother/jatorree lil sis )  Read >>
WHY U...  / Lena Hudson (My big brother/jatorree lil sis )
Man just sitting here thinking of all the good times you had with me and our family how you would come over and play cards with my uncles and dad and take all there money it was so funny how they said you were always cheating, and how my sister was so crazy over u and still is what I really loved about u and my sister relationship is that yall never let anybody come between u all, no girl or boy yall new were home was, u would always treat someone for me or even treat me half of the times but I knew u still loved me as a lil sister I just wish u were here to see your girl come home on the 15th but i know you'll always be with her in mind body and spirit....
yall were the real life         "Jay-z & Beyonce" Close


still and always missing you kid  / AKeya Coleman (Buddies)  Read >>
still and always missing you kid  / AKeya Coleman (Buddies)
Hey you...its Keya, AKA your favorite its been two months since all of this happened and it still feels very sureal to me. immediatly when i got back to school i was expecting for the beamer or the blue beast to come around the corner blasting music...then reality hits me that you are no longer here....i mean each day gets better and better but there is still a sore spot in my heart, a big one...and yeah i still cry to myself sometimes....but god reminds me that you are where we are all tryin to get to some day.  I also think about all of those crazy times we had actin goofy and arguing over dumb stuff....i know that i was very distant before all of this happened, but we both know why so we wont get into that....i also know why u left me that voicemail over the summer saying not to forget about you......because that was your way of saying goodbye to me....i still have that voicemail...and when i get really sad i listen to it over and over.....i also know that you are up in heaven working hard, cuz roomer has it that jatorree comming home this week :)...i could go on and on about how much we all miss down here but i wont...just know that you are always in my heart no matter what


P.S.  I still listen to JIM Jones OR JIMMY as you used to call him but its not the same, cuz you aint by my side dancing and rapping lol.

Who shot GOON with the BB GUN LOL  / Ernest Savage   Read >>
Who shot GOON with the BB GUN LOL  / Ernest Savage
I often find myself flipin through my phonebook and see ur name and i wanna call so bad thinkin u gonna answer, but i no u aint. Me and the guys sit around the house jokin and talkin crap just 2 make each other laugh and feel better but its never the same because it always stops were ur suppose 2 come in at. Me and U would always start with every1 when it got 2 quiet in the room just to fuck with each other. But sum how i would always get called a spick or a watermelon seller or sumin like that, but that was always our way of showin that we cared about each other. I just thought we all would be just as stupid and silly when we got older with kids. I just knew that it was always gonna be me u nick and ping also chedder AKA nose on our weddin day been stupid and callin who ever was gettin married a sucker quiet, makin each other laugh and it still will b like that. I just wanna let u no im gonna go 2 Vegas next year like we were suppose 2 do this year and im lettin it ride on 21 black and 22 red for me u and the boys we all no who WE R                                       

                                                                                    LOVE U BOY
Spick lol Close
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